Monovet 50 - Surface Sanitizer

Brand - Septinol

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Please wear Following Personal Protective Equipment at the Preparation
• Safety Goggles/ Splash Shield
• Household Gloves or long gloves (Not inspection Gloves)
• Toe covered shoes.
• Face mask (If needed)

Preparation Method of Diluted Solution
1. Select a bucket or a vessel with appropriate volume desired to use.
2. The concentrated solution is made to dilute 50 times. For example 1 liter of concentrated solution can be diluted with 50 L of water.
3. Please calculated the required diluted volume and divide by 50 to calculate the volume of the concentrate.
4. Add the calculated volume of concentrate to the bucket that needs to be diluted through the wall of the bucket. Clean the bottle with water and add to the preparation bucket.
5. Add the required amount of water (50 times)in the same manner. This will prevent splashing of solution.
6. Use a clean bar/pipe/stir rod to stir the solution for about 2 minutes to ensure the solution is homogeneous.

Spray Method Recommended Dosage : 1L of diluted solution can be sprayed to 15 Square meters

1. Fill a drizzle pump/spray bottle (for machines/tables) or Agricultural Sprayer (For Floor and other Surfaces) with the prepared solution and spray carefully to the machines (It’s advised to cover the electronic parts of the machine prior to application as water could damage the electronic parts)
2. Effectiveness of the coverage depends upon the distance between the nozzle and the surface as well as the speed of hand movement. Therefore, it’s advised to spray the solution with a moderate speed and hold the nozzle on about 10-15 cm distance from the surface.
3. The sprayed solution should dry off within 10-20 minutes in an air conditioned environment. The active ingredient will remain on the surface as long as it doesn’t wipe out by usage. Drying depend upon the amount sprayed and the dryness/wetness of the environment.
4. The active ingredient kills microbes in contact. Effectiveness on the surface of the active ingredient varies on the usage of the surface and the concentration of possible microbes (Bacteria and Viruses) on the surface.
5. It is recommended to spray the diluted solution every 8 hours interval for heavily used surfaces, floors. Less frequently used room can go for 24 hours. However, in a normal setting, it is recommended to spray every 24 hours.
6. The active ingredient reacts with the pathogens and destroys upon contact, sprayed concentration is not harmful for humans on the concentration and contact time. As the active ingredient is used as a preservative in consumer products, and the concentration is extremely negligible, even accidental digestion of a small amount (For example: someone touching a surface and licking a finger) would not be harmful.
7. For Floors : It is recommended to spray the solution every 8 hours. However, The wet floor will be slippery upon spraying. Please pay attention on wet floor conditions.

Foot Bath
Prepare a Foot bath with appropriate amount of diluted solution, replenish the solution every 4 hours for high effectiveness

Upon spraying, please clean the spray guns, buckets and PPE equipment. The nozzles can be clogged by dried chemicals if not properly cleaned.

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