O2 Store is looking to change the way companies procure their day to day office supply needs. But, we can't do it without folks who are smart, curious and innovative like YOU!


We are looking for people who can be good at more than one thing and have a curious nature which wills them to constantly learn. We call our team members Multipotentialites!


These are people who are also looking to be innovating, evolving and adapting to the changing world. We are not saying we are like the X-Men, but we do think we are like Superheroes! 



We don't care about your gender, horoscopes and such, so apply online now, and we'll get back to you! Experience is always a plus, if you are a graduate, fresh out of university, this is for you but we at The O2 Store are most interested in those looking to learn, innovate and go the extra mile for your clients and your team!

You should be #techsavvy and have any of the following skills #adaptability #rapidlearning #ideasynthesis #wearingmanyhats #inspiration #contextualthinking #speakthelanguage


We at O2 Store believe in productivity as opposed to long & tiring working hours and therefore offer a clear lifestyle balance through our lenient working hours. In addition, our relaxed, friendly and progressive work environment gives you more reason to join our team!

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