Join us and get Adventurous 

The O2 Store is looking to change the online retailing landscape in Sri Lanka. But, we can’t do it without folks who are smart, curious, and innovative.

Back in the day, companies used to look for specialists. You only needed to be good at one thing. But, the times they are a-changing. We’re looking for people who can be good at more than one thing, but has a curious nature which wills them to learn constantly. We call our team members Multipotentialites. These are people who are also looking to be innovating, evolving, and adapting to the changing world.

We’re not saying we’re like the X-Men, but we do think we’re like superheroes!

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About us

What we offer our customers

    Freelancers and Interns

    Are you young, energetic, and enthusiastic about learning? Thinking of gaining some experience with us? It’s you we’re looking for.

    Whether you want to work part-time, for a few hours a day or a few days a week, we have options for you.

    Feel free to apply below, and list what times and days you’d be available for.

    Marketing and Sales

    Are you People-oriented, Energetic, and Customer-focused?

    Great! If you have a pleasing Personality, Enthusiasm and a Willingness to Learn, that’s cool as well. Best if you have some computer skills too, as we don’t use typewriters.

    Operations and Client Care

    If you’re the kind of person who knows how to keep the operational aspects of a company going smoothly, we want to get to know you. It goes without saying, but you need to be tech-savvy and have some knowledge of client care management.

    If you have experience using CRM systems and Inventory management systems, we’re really interested.


    We don’t care about your gender, horoscopes and such, so apply online now, and we’ll get back to you! Experience is always a plus, but we at The O2 Store most interested in those looking to learn, innovate, and go the extra mile for your clients and your team!

    We are looking at Interns or candidates with 1 - 4 years experience

    You should be #techsavvy, #socialmediasavvy and have any of the following skills #adaptability #rapidlearning #ideasynthesis #wearingmanyhats #inspiration #contextualthinking #speakthelanguage

    We are interested in the end result, than the hours you clocked in. And we pay very attractive commissions for closing deals. 


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