Why O2

O2 is the chemical symbol for the dioxygen gas, the main element that supports life on Earth, commonly known as Oxygen. It is essential not just for life, but for the advancement of technology, industry, and services. Just like Oxygen, our services are essential for businesses as well as individuals. And just like Oxygen, our services will be ubiquitous in nature and will contribute to growth and success of our clients. This is why we believe O2 is the perfect symbol for our company and its vision. A well-functioning business or discerning clients require further elements in addition to office and school supplies, to create a successful substance. Though our initial venture is into the business of office and school supplies, it is only the first element of our eventual composition. Our plan for the future is to expand into being the leading online retailer in Sri Lanka, offering our customers a wider product range and services than any other.


O2 - Necessities of life

Our Partners

We have manufacturers and direct importers providing our products and the list of partners is increasing all the time. As our products tend to be directly supplied to us, you can be sure of their quality, price and value.We are committed to providing you with the best quality, certified products which have a minimal carbon footprint. Our manufacturers and suppliers are also conscious about providing products which are as low on environmental impact as possible, without compromising on quality.

Board of Directors

Technology, logistics, product knowledge, and communications; these are the key elements of success for an E-commerce platform. It is these key qualities that are found in abundance with the Board of Directors at the O2 Store. Each member brings decades of experience, entrepreneurial ingenuity, drive, and ambition to make the O2 Store successful.

Sanjeevan Jeevaratnam   -  Director

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While thinking out-of-the-box is something most people do as a last resort, some make it their first step. During a nearly 30-year career, Sanjeevan has always found innovative solutions where none existed. He has continuously expanded into new ventures and adventures with an eye out for the next big thing.

As a Director at CityPak, he revolutionized the logistics industry in Sri Lanka which oversaw increased efficiency and cost savings, and allowed the company to expand to be an island-wide force in delivery and logistics. Sanjeevan continued to bring his unique talent to companies such as Brandix, Millennium IT, Duo Software, Rockland Distilleries, and Bileeta. Along the way, he created contact centres for companies such as SriLankan Airlines and Hutchinson, which utilized the technologies that were to become an industry standards in later years.

Ever the entrepreneur, Sanjeevan has used his expertise in logistics, contact centre management, product knowledge, and experience in conceptualizing the O2 Store. He has continued to be at the forefront of new technological innovations in Sri Lanka, and his vision has guided the company with a steady hand and considerable energy. It is his transformational leadership and out-of-the-box thinking that have continued to set the standard for online retailing with this new venture, the O2 Store.

Muhunthan Canagey   -  Director

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From the beginning of his career, the key driving elements for Muhunthan has been Infrastructure and Information Technology (IT). He has always envisioned that these two essential factors can lead to the development and growth of Sri Lanka.

After receiving his education at the University of Keele, where he completed a Master’s in IT, Muhunthan put his vision into action. He is considered the father of satellite television services in Sri Lanka, thanks to his role as CEO of CBN-SAT, which is currently known as Dialog TV. In addition to this, he was also the CEO and founder of Duo Software, a global software development country which has expanded to four continents, . Furthermore, he is also a founding member of Epsi Technology as well.

Muhunthan’s commitment to the development of infrastructure and IT was further illustrated during his time as President of the Sri Lanka Computer Vendors Association, the Federation of Information Technology (FITIS), his Directorship of the Infotel Board, and Chairmanship of the Asian-Oceanian Computing Industry Association (ASOCIO). He is also currently the CEO of ICTA as well, where he continues to advocate the importance of infrastructure and IT development. Its this drive to improve IT and infrastructure that Muhunthan brings to the future of the O2 Store as well.

Niranjan Canagasooryam    Director

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From a very young age, Niranjan was fascinated with computers. What initially began as a fascination then became a hobby. The hobby then became a passion, which drove his entrepreneurial spirit, and has seen him become a titan of the Information Technology industry today.

In addition to his zeal for computing, Niranjan also holds professional accreditations such as membership of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) and the Chartered Global Management Accountants (CGMA) in the United Kingdom. Using this experience, Niranjan co-founded Epsi Technology, which flourished under his guidance. He managed to attract world-class brands such as Viewsonic and Asus to the company.

Niranjan brings more than 25 years of experience in the IT industry, which has also seen his receive several awards locally and globally for his drive to make Epsi a leading provider of 3C solutions. Looking forward, the same drive and fascination that drove Niranjan as a kid is what he continues to bring to the O2 Store as well. His understanding of the IT industry gives the O2 Store a solid technological foundation, and a competitive advantage over other online retailers.

2017 and beyond

The three key elements for the success of the O2 Store are Technology, Logistics, and Products. Our team’s experience in technology means we will be able to utilise multiple technologies, as well as the best available technology.

Our team also has expertise in logistics and delivery systems, which will play a key role in any online retailer such as the O2 Store. And finally, with our trusted partnerships with suppliers and manufacturers, we will continue to expand our primary business interest in office supplies as well.

As we communicate our vision over time, we hope to expand our product inventory and suppliers, adding more variety, more choice, and more convenience for our clients. As we expand the company, we will continue to improve our systems, processes, and our team.

Our goals are ambitious, and our values may be lofty, but we believe that over time that the O2 Store will be a premier online retailer in Sri Lanka, providing unparallelled service to our clients, both corporate and individual. Our journey has already begun.